Announcing the LibPixel Uploader and private S3 sources

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S3 is an incredible storage service at an extremely low price. For years it has been used to store user uploaded images on all sorts of web applications. Today we’re making it easier than ever to use S3 with LibPixel with a brand new JavaScript uploader library and support for private objects on S3.

LibPixel Uploader

If you’ve ever had to deal with securely uploading images from a web browser straight to an S3 bucket, then you know that traditionally it requires significant developer effort. Specifically, you’d need to code an API endpoint to generate a signed request for the upload. You’d also need to search for a JavaScript library to deal with all the different browser support, so you’d find out that some of the best ones aren’t free for commercial use. And then they’d require you to add a blank page on your domain, so that older browsers can work. There’s a lot of tedious – and not always straightforward – work involved, and that’s why we decided to solve this problem.

We built a JavaScript library that uses the LibPixel service to handle all the request signing and redirect pages for older browsers. This way, all you need is our library on your website, and you’ll be good to go. And best of all, it’s Open Source under an MIT license, so there are no restrictions on where and how you can use it!

You can set up an S3 source using the LibPixel dashboard, enable upload support, and choose an access control setting for the uploaded images (public-read or private).

Configuring an S3 source on the LibPixel dashboard

To learn more about the LibPixel Uploader, and how to use it, head over to the GitHub repo.

Private S3 sources

If you want to prevent your S3 images from being accessed directly by anyone on the internet, and only through LibPixel (i.e. S3 objects with a private ACL), you can now do so by configuring your image source as an S3 source in the LibPixel dashboard, and specifying IAM credentials that allow access to the S3 bucket.

You can learn more about S3 sources in the documentation.

Advantages of using S3

LibPixel runs on AWS, so by using S3 in the same AWS region as LibPixel, you'll have the lowest possible latency to your image source, and you won’t even have to pay for the bandwidth between your bucket and our servers.

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