Don't build it yourself

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We've been hearing in the news today that there are some vulnerabilities in ImageMagick. Specifically, you can get code execution on a server just by uploading a malicious image file. It's a pretty serious exploit, and it's being used in the wild.

If you use ImageMagick, amend the policy that ImageMagick uses immediately (instructions here), and upgrade when patched versions are available.

About LibPixel

Here are LibPixel we don't use ImageMagick. We have a Go frontend to native libraries to parse and process different image types. And although there could of course be vulnerbilities in those libraries, you can be sure that we monitor carefully and update immediately if any are found. That's our job – leaving you to run your online service.

Moreover, our image processing architecture has no access to our databases or customer information. We spent the time to build LibPixel for security as well as performance.

So although we really hope you don't end up being adversely affected by the vulnerabilities in ImageMagick, it may be a good moment to stop worrying about image infrastructure and focus on your core business. We offer a performant, secure and very reasonably priced service - from just $15 per month in fact. It's just not worth it to build your own.

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