3 Common Image Mistakes to Avoid as an Online Businesses

When it comes to any online business, rich imagery gets more clicks, leads to longer engagement and results in more sales. In short, pictures sell.

But despite the importance online businesses put producing beautiful images higher on the priority list and significantly less thought is given to how those images will affect overall web performance. As digital marketers and technologists, we at Libpixel believe that page load speed has a huge influence on an array of other interactions, and image performance is one of the biggest contributors to reduced load speeds.

So to avoid any issues with web performance, we’ve put together 3 top image mistakes we see webstores & publishers making.

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Don't build it yourself

We've been hearing in the news today that there are some vulnerabilities in ImageMagick. Specifically, you can get code execution on a server just by uploading a malicious image file. It's a pretty serious exploit, and it's being used in the wild.

If you use ImageMagick, amend the policy that ImageMagick uses immediately (instructions here), and upgrade when patched versions are available.

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LibPixel improvements - Upscale Lock, Crop and Format

Sometimes the little improvements make all the difference. Lately we've added a few small but useful features requested by our customers, namely Upscale Lock, Crop, and Format.

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Announcing the LibPixel Uploader and private S3 sources

S3 is an incredible storage service at an extremely low price. For years it has been used to store user uploaded images on all sorts of web applications. Today we’re making it easier than ever to use S3 with LibPixel with a brand new JavaScript uploader library and support for private objects on S3.

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New features in LibPixel

We aim to make LibPixel the most effective, fastest, and easiest to use cloud image processing service.

So we're continually adding features that our customers need, and improving our infrastructure.

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LibPixel is go!

Today we are proud to launch LibPixel.

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